16-Aug-2011 11:10



Masjid Al Irsyad, is a mosque, in Kota Baru Parahyangan (KBP), a township west of Bandung, in Padalarang area.


With a capacity to accommodate approximately 1,000 to 1500 people, the mosque is also designed to 'blend in' with nature.


The stacked stones allow for natural ventilation without the need for air-conditioning. Surrounded by water, the ambient temperature around the mosque will be lower during the hot season. Once inside, the people are able to look out and appreciate the external scenery.


The architecture of the KBP mosque, Al Irsyad, is unique. It uses stacked stones as the main façade to create tectonic effect, while embedding Islamic text/calligraphy on the façade as a graphic element and reminder prayer.


Al Irsyad mosque was built on 7 September 2009 and inaugurated in August 2010. The architect build the mosque inspired by the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque, Mecca. If you notice,  the walls of the mosque was formed a calligraphic details  from the words  of Al-Shahadah.


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